Husband and wife team, Victor and Fabienne, opened Health Plus over 18 years ago and still own this Ajax Independent today. They are deeply committed to organic, non-GMO foods and providing, what they believe to be, the best supplements and whole foods. They aren’t shy to vocally advocate for sane environmental and agricultural practices.


Victor and Fabienne have created a store environment that fosters excellent customer service, creativity and a feeling of family for both staff and customers.


Health Plus Nutrition Centre is home to some of the brightest and most passionate natural health advocates, with many of our staff certified in holistic nutrition and other modalities. See below for more information on each member of the Health Plus team:


Audrey: Audrey is the Manager and Sr. Buyer at Health Plus and has been part of the team for 18 years. With her fun-loving personality, she brings the humorous yet hardworking attitude any great team should have.

Audrey has her Certificate in Holistic Nutrition from the Canadian Nutrition Institute (now Edison Institute of Nutrition). She’s also a Reiki Master, Goldsmith, and passionate about all things beautiful in life, sharing it and inspiring others to make healthy choices.


Stephanie: Stephanie is the Assistant Manager and main Food Buyer at Health Plus. She has her Certificate in Holistic Nutrition from CSNN, and is a firm believer that a vibrant life is available to all people, and it is often the smallest changes in diet and lifestyle that can have the biggest impact. With her gentle, compassionate disposition, she strives to inspire families to make healthy changes together. When not in the store, she hits the walking trails!


Susan: Susan is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Master, and has been with Health Plus since 2008. A passion for homeopathy and herbology, Susan specializes in auto-immune conditions and strives to encourage each and everyone to get to the root of their health concerns to live and feel their best. With an innate connection to animals and the outdoors, she loves going for walks and spending time in nature.


Sonia: Sonia is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and is currently studying nutritional endocrinology as well as working towards her certification as Insulin Resistance Practitioner and Clinical Mastery of the Digestive System. Strong-willed and always looking to expand her knowledge, Sonia brings her determination and commitment to the team.


Annette: Annette is our positive, lighthearted member of the Health Plus team and has been in the health industry for over five years. With her unwavering drive to stay active, fit and healthy, she loves encouraging others to do the same and is currently working towards her diploma with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist! Alongside her passion for health comes her passion for the welfare of all animals.


Jackie: Jackie is a graduate of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. At Health Plus, Jackie goes above and beyond to ensure the absolute best customer service and experience, always tending to each and every need. She enjoys hiking, biking, and all things outdoors, plus keeping her two dogs healthy and happy!


Sandy: Specializing in hormone balance and sexual health, Sandy is a lively and passionate Certified Nutritionist and graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Sandy’s mission is to help educate women through seminars and programs to help them live their most balanced life. Aside from her passion for health, Sandy loves gardening, reading, dancing, her husband and her three cats!


Michael: Michael is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and is enrolled to become a live blood cell analyst. With an empathetic and non-judgmental outlook, Michael’s passion is to educate individuals about realistic nutrition and health that is not restrictive or complicated. Simple changes to ones dietary choices, lifestyle habits, and emotional well-being is what Michael believes is the key to restoring harmony and balance in the body. His focus also lies in skin health with the philosophy that the health of your skin starts from within!